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      Koten Machinery Industry Co.,Ltd is specialized in manufacture of printing and packaging machineries in China. Especially focus on the finishing binding equipments to make notebooks,exercise books,or hardcover books, like Flexo.Ruling Machines, Exercise Book Making Line, Perfect Binding Machines, Book Sewing Machines, Saddle Stitching Machines, Paper Folding Machines...

      Hot Products 

      • Name Flexo Ruling Machine with Two Cover Feeder LK-1020AFG
      • Name Flexo Ruling Machine Model LK-1020A
      • Name Program Controlled Book Sewing Machine
      • Name Perfect Book Binding Machine With 3,4,5 Clamps
      • Name Semiautomatic Case Maker
      • Name Automatic Paper Counting Machine Model SZJ-800
      • Name Automatic Paper Strip Machine,Dismantle Machine Label or Tags
      • Name 3/4 series Automati Screen Printing Machine
      • Name Paper Box Floder and Gluer
      • Name Semi-Automatic Thermal Laminating Machine for Thin Paper
      • Name Automatic Flute Lamainting Machine

      About Koten

      Product List

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